If you're planning a modular kitchen, we at Lussoitalia can help you by initiating a meaningful discussion in this regard, which we will later translate into a pragmatic and functional kitchen of lasting quality, suitable to your needs as well as depicting your lifestyle perfectly and fitting your budget.

An initial question would be: How much space do you have, what kind of lifestyle statement do you want your kitchen to portray and how will you uses the space?

Sure all kitchens are for cooking but how do you use your kitchen For example, what do you cook? Do you cook three square meals for your family or you will use your kitchen for making soups, beverages and snacks? Do you cook alone or you use a domestic help in your kitchen. What kind of appliances you will be using frequently?

Answering the above questions will enable us to determine the shape of the kitchen, counter space, cabinet storage space, and drawers and roll-out pantry space required by you.

The final kitchen design will incorporate inherent features accepted in the modular kitchen industry as good design practices: Some of these features are;

  1. Work triangle formed by Cooking Range, Sink and refrigerator (Common work zones of food preparation, cleanup and food storage).
  2. Height and width of the counters
  3. Placement of the appliances like microwave, ovens, dishwashers etc.
  4. Counter tops and landing spaces
  5. Electrical connectivity and control placements.


Lussoitalia's showroom houses an array of model kitchens of different shapes and styles. An inspection of with showroom hostess will help clients understand the quality of workmanship, materials, accessory options and storage spaces, storage aids, countertops, serving counters, dimensions, colours, wood textures and several other optional choices that are available. Physically checking the look and feel goes a long way for the client to decide the kitchen they want.

Model Kitchens at Lussoitalia are presently on offer. They can be dismantled and fitted at client's place at 50% discount.

Once a client decides to go with Lussoitalia Kitchens, the company technicians will visit the premises at your end

and map it out with accurate measurements. They will clearly mark the doorways, windows, available plumbing, electrical access and controls.

This information is handed over to the designers in the virtual kitchen lab for creating accurate 2D drawings and rendering the 3D virtual kitchens.

The Virtual Kitchen Lab at Lussoitalia takes up project and starts their designing process based on actual data

provided by the team that assessed the site of the kitchen. Designers then create accurate 2D drawings for cabinets, shutters and countertop production while rendering the kitchen design in 3D using different colour and wood texture combinations for you to see the finished kitchen virtually from different angles. The Kitchen design and different components are finalised in close interaction with client.

Once the Design is Finalised discussions are initiated to finalise the accessories and storage options.

Quotation is provided to clients. Once the quote along with terms and conditions are finalized and neccessary documentation is complete, Lussoitalia initiates the process of implementation by starting the site preparation utility connections as planned. The clients can also hire their own contractors to work closely with lusso team to prepare the site or leave the same to Lusso Team.



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